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Summer Makeup Essentials

Ahh, Summer. The warm air and feeling the sun kiss your skin. You feel this is the perfect opportunity to take that golden hour selfie, but wait, what's that? Your face almost looks reflective due to that shine and sweat caused by this hot summer's day.

There is nothing worse than having thick, cakey makeup that get's oily and greasy, only to transfer onto anybody's shirt when you hug them hello. We all like to look glowing and dewy in Summer, but nobody likes to look oily, and there is a fine balance between the two.

So how should you apply your makeup when getting ready for an outdoor summer festival, or a braai on a hot Sunday to ensure your makeup stays put? Firstly, determine your skin type. If you have oily skin, you need to take those extra precautions to ensure your oil stays at bay. Your skin care could also contribute to how your makeup lasts throughout the day. Stay away from oily moisturisers, and use a toner to reduce excess oil production. Always use a primer too! Mattifying primers are great for controlling oil and will increase the longevity of your makeup.

When you apply your foundation, work in thin layers, rather than caking on a whole lot all at once. Use a beauty blender to absorb any excess product and provide for a flawless application. Matte foundations also work well on oily skin types, whereas dry or normal skin types should rather use a dewy foundation and powder where they need to.

The next step is to set your makeup, with both powder AND a setting spray. So many people often complain that their foundations rub off or transfer throughout the day, but unless you're wearing wax, this is bound to happen, even if your foundation is matte. All foundations should be set with powder! Use a translucent setting powder to keep your makeup in place with a soft powder brush. If your skin isn't very oily, just powder in your t-zone to combat shine. The last essential step when it comes to applying summer makeup, is to use a setting spray or fixing spray. These are like hairspray for your face and will help to keep your makeup in place and will also reduce any cakey residue that may have been caused by the powder.

Use bright colours on the lips such as pinks, reds and corals, and use lighter shimmers on the eyes like gold, rose gold, and copper. When it comes to highlighters, use a subtle gold or pink to give your skin that healthy summer glow. Bronzers help to add a bit of colour back to your skin and can also be used to help with that sought-after glow. Avoid dark, deep shades like plum, dark browns, and blacks. These are best kept for the cold winter months.

If your skin is seriously prone to oil, then carry a small bottle of setting spray with you or some powder and a brush to touch up as and when you need to. This will simply keep your makeup in check throughout the day. Remember, in summer especially, less is more, and a natural, glowing complexion with gold highlights and sun-kissed skin is all your need to take on the hot day.

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