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Clown Makeup for Halloween

The start of October means the start of Halloween season, and the options for Halloween makeup looks are endless! From scary to funny, cute or sexy, the choice is yours. The best outfits are always paired best with amazing makeup! Over the next few weeks i'll be posting easy Halloween makeup looks that you can recreate at home in time to trick or treat...

The first look in this mini series is clown makeup. You can really mix this up and play around, use whatever colours you like to match your outfit, and you're good to go! Let's get started.

  1. Prep the skin

  • Cleanse and moisturise the skin and let it work it’s magic before you start applying foundation. Skin prep affects how the rest of your makeup will look, so make sure your skin is clean, hydrated and ready for the next step. If you like to use a primer, allow this to settle on the skin for about 5 minutes as well - this will help the makeup last, although is not an essential step in my opinion. A good moisturizer always does the trick.

2. The brows

  • Starting with the brows really helps to frame the eyes and the rest of the face. Brows can change your whole face and are so versatile you can change them to suit your mood and look. Especially when it comes to Halloween makeup, changing your brows can really bring a look together! Using the Lotis Beauty angled brow pencil in the shade brown, gently apply the pencil through the brows creating hair-like strokes. Don’t worry if it’s not neat, you can clean this up later with concealer. Follow the natural shape of your brow and brush through with the spoolie to evenly disperse product. Then, take some concealer on a flat application brush and carefully clean up the bottom edge of your brow, and blend down onto your eyelid. This will also help to prime the eyes for eyeshadow. Set this with powder.

3. Eyeshadow

  • This next step can be altered depending on what type of look you're going for. I opted for this purple smokey eye. Start with a lighter blending colour and a blending brush and apply it into the crease, blending upwards and outwards towards the tail of the brow. Darken this out by blending over it again with a darker shade of the colour you've chosen. At the same time, darken the outer corner of the lid. Blend, blend, blend! Next I created a dark smokey wing using an angled brush & black eyeshadow. Again, don't worry if it's not neat, we are going to clean it up with concealer to make it look sharp.

4. Foundation, concealer, contour & blush

  • Start with foundation and a damp beauty sponge. These Lotis Beauty makeup sponges are the best because they give an airbrushed finish. Gently pat the product into the skin to get a nice full coverage. Don't forget to blend down into the neck. Then apply concealer. Using a small application brush, carefully line the outer edge of your eyeshadow to meet up with the tail of your brow. This gives it that really sharp look! You can blend it out if you don't want it too sharp. My favourite concealer is the Essence Camouflage Concealer. Finish off with cream contour & cream blush and blend it all together nicely with the sponge. Finally, dust on some setting powder (this Yardley one is my fave!) to set the face. Finish off under the eyes with some black eyeshadow, softened out with some purpler eyeshadow.

5. Stop clowning around!

  • Now for the clown makeup itself. Using a black gel liner and an angled brush, make long triangles starting above the brows, and below the eyes, and colour it in with the black liner. Gel liner is easier to use than liquid liner because it doesn't move as much or smudge. Set the liner with black eyeshadow. Next, the creep clown smile. Line your lips normally with black liner, and when you get to the edge, slightly lift up the liner. Take this out further and connect to the bottom lip. Fill in with black liner or lipstick, and top with purple eyeshadow.

6. A little bling...

  • Every Halloween makeup look needs a little bit of bling. You can get gems from craft stores or nail art suppliers. Using clear lash glue (not black), dot some glue onto your face where you want the gems to go. Using tweezers, gently stick the gems to your face. Lastly give your face a spray with a good setting spray that will help your makeup last all throughout the scariness.

You're ghoul'd to go!

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