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Makeup Smear
Rose Gold Makeup

The idea of a cosmetics company was a dream for a long time, until it became a reality. Christine Lotis began her career in makeup initially doing freelance work as a professional makeup artist. Christine became even more intrigued by makeup, yet disappointed at the mere cost and effort to import an international product. Lotis Beauty was started with a vision in mind; a vision to provide South African women with quality and affordable makeup that stays up to date with current beauty trends.


The makeup industry is changing all the time; trends come and go and therefore it is essential to offer clients what they see and want on social media. These products are specifically designed and tailored for the South African woman. Lotis Beauty aims to constantly stay up to date with trends and provide customers with the best products and services possible, while constantly evolving as a brand.


To become the number 1 local makeup brand in South Africa, by providing women with quality & affordable makeup that meets their needs & desires.


To become a reputable and well-known company in South Africa that represents quality, trendy and affordable makeup. This will be achieved through high quality manufacturing, extensive market research, and a creative and engaging digital marketing strategy that drives website traffic and increases brand awareness.

Makeup Artist
Fair Trade
Proudly South African
Cruelty Free
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