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Magnetic Lashes - Scorpio

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Why struggle with lash glue and difficult-to-apply lashes when you can simply apply them with a simple, lightweight magnet & magnetic eyeliner?

Our 3D mink lashes are cruelty free, luxurious, lightweight and oh-so-glamorous. Transform your look in 3 easy steps, in half the time!

How it works:

- Each lash has 5 tiny, lightweight magnets attached to the strip. The liner that comes with our lashes is also magnetic. The lashes simply "clip" onto the magnetic liner, and voila! Hello gorgeous lashes!

How to use:

1. Apply a thin line of magnetic liner across your upper lash line on your eyelid and wait for it to dry completely! (This is very important, because you want the lashes to stick to the magnet, and not the liner like a glue).

2. Once the liner has dried completely, measure and trim the lashes to size. Cut the lash close to the last magnet on the edge, as this will allow for a seamless application, and will stop the edges from lifting.

3. Simply attach the lash to the magnetic liner. You don't have to press them down or wait for them to be stuck on. Simply pop them onto the liner. They can be re-used multiple times too!

What's in the box:

- 1 x pair 3D mink magnetic lashes

- 1 x tube of black magnetic eyeliner


- Cruelty free 3D mink lashes

- black magnetic liquid eyeliner

- cardboard box

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