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The Best Eyeshadows For Your Eye Colour

Wearing the right shades of eyeshadow for your eye colour is important so that you can wear colours that compliment not just your eyes, but your skin tone too. It is safe to say that neutral eyeshadow colours suit most eyes. There are, however, certain colours that simply pop more on different eye colours. 

If you have blue eyes, the colours that will make your eyes pop the most are shades of orange and peach, because orange is opposite to blue on the colour wheel. You don’t have to use a bright orange, but shades of bronze, gold, and copper, will really make your eyes stand out. Most brown and neutral shades suit blue eyes, because they don’t detract from the beautiful blue eye colour, but rather warmly compliment it.

Red is the opposite colour to green on the colour wheel. So if you have green eyes, wear shades that compliment your eyes, such as deeper shades of wine and plum, as well as gold, bronze and copper shades. Again, neutral browns or browns with a slight purple undertone work well for a smoky application, whereas tan and gold looks great for a natural, subtle look. 

Brown is a neutral colour, and therefore almost all colours work well with brown eyes. For neutral eyeshadow applications, go for browns, gold and copper. Your skin tone will also determine what shades and intensity of brown and gold you should go for. 

This is just a guideline to determine what colours suit your eye colour best, but it does not mean you have to strictly adhere to these rules. Through experimentation and trial and error, you can determine what colours suit you best with regards to not only what eye colour you have, but your personality, face shape, and look you’re going for.

Everyone is different and therefore different styles and colours will suit different people. If you have very dark skin, try to stay away from light, shimmery colours. Rather go for bronze and copper tones, especially as a highlighter. Depending on your skin type, the colour and intensity of the eyeshadow you choose will follow. Remember, makeup is often a fun experiment, so don’t be shy to try something new, you might surprise yourself and discover a look you really love!

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