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Instagram: Freedom of Expression or Creative Conformity

I had an interesting conversation with someone the other day about how quickly social media has grown and evolved (although it's really no secret). It’s interesting to think about how influential social media is and how much of an impact it can have over our businesses and the people we attract to our pages. 

But the question arises; do we have complete creative expression when it comes to what we post on social media, or are we confined and restricted by these very social mediums? Sounds a bit like the ‘free will argument’ right? When a new editing app for pictures or videos is released, you see it everywhere on social media. People begin editing and transforming their content in new and creative ways, but this creativity is attributed to the very technology which allows us to do so.

Think about it, if we didn’t have pinterest, beauty retouching apps like Facetune and Photoshop, or video editing apps, presets for lightroom, or text apps to improve our stories, what would our social media feeds look like? They would be simple. Yes you can take a great photo, but the creative content comes into play mostly in the editing process. 

Another example about creative conformity is when people create ‘new’ content that was inspired by someone else, especially in the makeup industry. I am guilty of this myself on Instagram. It’s like writers block; you can’t seem to come up with a creative, original idea, so you look for inspiration online and adapt what you’ve seen. Yes you might create something amazing, but it was influenced by someone else’s work, or some other form of inspiration. So how much of our content really reflects who we are, to our core, if everything we post is an idea from somewhere else? Do we really post ‘original’ content, or is it just adapted and re-used over and over? 

I’m not saying that people lack creativity and post boring content, because everyone knows this is not true. But it’s interesting to take a step back and think; how much of my creative expression is actually confined to what social media and technology allows? The answer might scare you.

But keep on posting those engaging pictures, videos and stories, and make it interesting and memorable. I guess the conclusion to this thought of the day is that we, as humans, evolve with technology, and what we post will depend on the times we’re living in and what technological advances are currently underway. We, as well as our content, are socially constructed.  



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